How to Make Yourself Throw Up

I will share about bulimia tips or How to Make Yourself Throw Up on the Safest Ways . I don't support bulimia, I even want to quit this addiction, but I just share what is done when binging-purging. And this is dangerous, don't imitate or follow it. Remember, once you try bulimia, you'll be addicted and fall deeper.

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

  • Drink drinks that contain lots of fluids before vomiting. Milk, tea, juice, soda etc. are better taken before vomiting. Drink a lot. That helps the foods that are in your stomach, it's easy to vomit. But if I usually drink a glass of warm water before vomiting, because it's easier to use warm water than cold water
  • Before inserting your fingers into your throat, wet your fingers first
  • Use more than one finger when you want to throw up
  • Before vomiting, don't forget to close and lock your bathroom door and turn on the bathroom water tap so no one is suspicious
  • When you want to vomit, it's better to make a position to bow down so that the food can easily come out
  • When you eat, chew until the food is soft so it's easier to get out
  • Eat a lot (binge) after exercise, this can increase metabolism and burn leftover foods that do not come out when vomiting
  • If you can't vomit with your fingers, try using the tip of a toothbrush
  • Enter your fingers until the palace, when your fingers find a small bullet at the back of your throat, rotate your fingers until you throw up
  • Don't eat bread, meat, fried foods, sticky foods, raw vegetables, or hard foods. Those foods are really hard to shake up
  • Eating soft food when vomiting is easier
  • Eating spicy foods when vomiting makes your throat burn and doesn't feel good
  • Drink plenty of water before vomiting. When vomiting but there are still those who have not come out, drank more water and vomited again. It depends on how tired you are when you don't throw up many times
  • Don't brush your teeth after vomiting. It only rubs the acid further into your tooth enamel which causes your teeth to break. You better wait a few minutes, and rinse your mouth
  • Do not wait until 1 hour for vomiting, because calories and fat have been absorbed with your body
  • After vomiting, rinse your mouth and wipe your face with water. If you're in a public place and are afraid of being caught or suspected by others, you can use eye drops for drops in your red eyes.
  • I was more inclined to vomit on the bathroom floor than in the toilet, because when you want to throw up on the floor, your body bends more and makes it easier to vomit. If you have a minus eye, you better take your minus glasses to the bathroom and place them in an affordable place. After vomiting, use your glasses to keep your bathroom floor clean of any vomit
  • Tie your hair when you want to vomit
  • He said, if you drink salt water it's easy to vomit, but I've never tried it
  • When your throat starts to be less sensitive to vomiting food, wait a day or a few days, or you can change your fingers, for example if you usually throw up using your right finger, try using your left finger. If it can't, too, add your finger. 2 or 3, it's up to the important thing you can vomit
  • For those who consume laxatives, take drugs in a ratio of 2, 4, 6, 8 so that your body is not familiar with the drug and becomes immune. Because you have to take higher and higher doses. So try eating 2 items on the first day, second day 4 items, third day 6 items, fourth day 8 items and so on. Actually you have cheated your body
  • Okay so from me, don't imitate and practice, guys, because it's really dangerous and can make you addicted. Maybe in the beginning you felt you could control everything, but without you being aware of the longer bulimia that controls you.
  • source: health life

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